Heated Bathroom Floors…Are They Worth It?

When you opt for bathroom remodeling by DF Hughes in Vestavia Hills, AL, it’s natural to consider the various upgrades available. The latest technologies and modern innovations can deliver more comfort, efficient living, and ultimate relaxation in your upgraded bathroom oasis.

Heated floors, also known as radiant floor heating, are one such upgrade. It has become a popular remodeling option. Yet, due to the high costs of this upgrade, homeowners often ask “is it really worth it?” Let’s dive into more about floor heating so you can decide on the answer for your particular remodeling project. 

Key Advantages

One of the greatest advantages of installing radiant floors is the immense property value appreciation. As you’d probably expect, they’re a big selling factor and a very attractive amenity for prospective buyers. Not only can you include it in the description of your home when listing it, but also consider that prospective families visiting your home will step on heated floors- what a selling point. We’re not saying you should install them just to sell your house, but they can add value to your home should you choose to sell down the road. Let’s look at some of the additional advantages (or pros) of upgrading your bathroom floor with floor heating. 

  • Comfort

The weather is getting progressively colder- getting out of a nice warm bed and stepping on the cold bathroom floor first thing in the morning is just about the worst. Did you know that heated floors can keep you warmer than air-heating systems? When your feet are warm, your whole body tends to feel warmer. No more blasting the heat hoping that it will warm your bathroom up enough for you to be comfortable. If the aim of your bathroom remodel is to embrace comfort and convenience, heated floors can be a great choice.

  • Added Flexibility

You might be thinking “I have to get out of my warm bed to turn on the floor heating which defeats the purpose…”, well we actually give you a thermostat and a timer when you add a radiant floor heating system. You can set the timer for when you’d like to heat the floors, so they’ll already be warmed for you first thing in the morning. Then they can be turned off while you’re gone for the day and warmed up again later as you get ready for bed. It’s a surprisingly flexible system that we know you’d enjoy. 

  • No Maintenance and No Noise

Electric floor-heating solutions require little to no maintenance and have long warranty periods because of how low maintenance they are. 

Another great advantage is zero noise. You can enjoy the peace and quiet in your own personal oasis, since radiant floor heating systems are super quiet. Unlike furnaces or even space heaters that make a constant noise, you won’t hear a thing when you switch these on.

  • Value

Understandably, many homeowners think heated floors seem like a luxury they can live without, so they pass on this upgrade because it seems like it would be too expensive. Yet, when you consider the costs versus the advantages and value boost, it can actually be an affordable solution. We can discuss exact pricing and your specific setup as we plan, but know that the cost estimation is about $10 to $20 per square feet in most cases. It is definitely a worthwhile investment if you have the budget.

Costs to Run Heated Floors

The operating costs depend on electricity costs where you live, but in most cases, it can cost less than $0.25 to run the system each day. 

Most of us are in the bathroom only for a couple hours (or less) a day, but even if you spend 4 hours or so in there, the costs remain manageable. 

Think of all the times during the upcoming cold months when you’ll step on heated floors and have a smile on your face instead of a grimace!  

At DF Hughes, when our customers opt for a bathroom remodeling project in Vestavia Hills, AL, we often recommend floor heating systems. They offer ultimate comfort at a surprisingly affordable cost. Our team will answer all your questions related to heated floors and help you choose the right option for your bathroom. Contact us today for your consultation!

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