3 Oven Configurations to Consider for your Kitchen Remodel

Many people who have a full kitchen remodel done choose to purchase all new appliances and some even change their layout to accommodate. For example, they may upgrade to a double, stacked oven. 

Are you wanting a new oven or a new configuration? For those that cook or bake often, it’s likely one of the biggest, most important decisions you’ll make for your kitchen remodel. Let us help you choose the cooking range that’s right for you. Here are some questions to consider: 

  • How many burners do you need? 
  • How quickly do you want to be able to boil water? 
  • Do you prefer a cooktop and a wall oven configuration? 
  • One oven or two? 
  • Electric or gas? 


Your kitchen remodel team at DF Hughes in Vestavia Hills, AL will help you figure out what works with your cooking style, your design sense, and maybe even your color scheme.

While there are many different options in terms of ovens, ranges, and cooktops, we’re only going to explore the 3 most common options for now in order to help you make the right decision for your new kitchen. But please know that there are more options and you don’t just have to pick from these. If your layout allows for space to have options then you could consider the following possible configurations:


A Traditional Range with a Stovetop

The most common of all the kitchen oven options, this traditional choice offers many different variations with most of them including the stovetop atop the range with a warming drawer below. It’s simple and you’ll be able to get all of your cooking needs done in one place. It is a space-conscious option, since it puts all of your cooking functions in one location, without taking up additional cabinet and countertop space. It can create a focal point in your kitchen, especially if you go with a unique oven range style. If cost is a factor, this is typically has a much lower price tag than its wall oven counterparts, and its widespread popularity lends it to having many different brand options to choose from.


A Separate Range and Stovetop

This selection is gaining popularity in modern kitchens and is quite common in newer kitchens, especially since it gives you a lot of flexibility in the placement of each. If there’s more than one cook fighting for appliance access, a separate range and stove top is a great option to give you separate cooking and baking zones. Cooktops separate from the stove also offer more flexibility in burner style, size, and type, like induction burners, so you’ll have a wider range to choose from.


Double Ovens

Double ovens is a dream configuration for many, especially in Southern homes where multiple casseroles may be going at the same time. They give you flexibility in the kitchen and allow you to bake more than one dish at different temperatures at the same time! With this setup, you won’t have to worry about over roasting your vegetables while you’re trying to cook your meat. 

Double ovens are also great for those with back issues as they do away with needing to bend over to open the oven door since they’re mounted on the wall. Which is nice even if you don’t currently have back pain! However, you’ll need to make sure your height won’t be an issue, so that you won’t be reaching overhead to get a pan out.

Keep in mind that double ovens remove 30 to 33 inches of usable countertop, so make sure you’re able to “sacrifice” that space. All in all, if you have the space and find yourself using your oven often, this is a great option. 


Additional decisions

  • Capacity- The goal for choosing the right capacity for your oven is having enough space to cook everything without overcrowding your kitchen. If you love entertaining and cooking for a lot of people, a double wall oven will give you the best use of your space. If you’re not wanting a double oven and don’t use your oven as much as your stovetop, you can consider lower capacity options. 
  • Brand- This may depend on past preference or price.
  • Color (including finish)- stainless steel, white, black, or even the recent popular push for colorful appliances.
  • Gas or electric- this will depend on what hookup you currently have and what’s able to be changed.

When you’re ready for your kitchen remodeling project, contact DF Hughes in Vestavia Hills, AL. We will help you walk through the decision-making process for colors, countertops, backsplash, flooring, layout, and even appliances like ovens. Together, we can decide what oven configuration you’ll have for the oven(s) and cooktop- one that will work best for your brand new DF Hughes kitchen.

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