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Why You Should Do a Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel Simultaneously

Home remodeling is a great way to improve the look of your home and increase its value. Of all the home improvement projects homeowners can do, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are two of the most popular ones. Both of them make a lot of sense because these two rooms are the ones that get “battered” the most, so they age faster than other areas in the house. The question is, which of these two should you do first?

Well, have you ever thought about doing both bathroom and kitchen remodel at the same time? It’s true that there are going to be some challenges, but the benefits of doing them at the same time outweigh the cons. 

Here are three reasons you should consider doing a bathroom and kitchen remodel simultaneously: 

1. You’ll Save Some Money

If you are planning to get both rooms renovated, you might want to consider doing them at the same time to save some money. For instance, if you will get the materials for both projects from one store or supplier, you’ll save money on delivery fees or transportation costs because instead of two transactions, you’ll just do one. Also, you may even get a discount if you’re doing bulk orders.

2. You’ll Save Time

If a kitchen renovation takes two weeks to finish, a bathroom remodel may take that long as well. If you do the remodels separately, the renovation time will be four weeks in total, and you’ll have to deal with four weeks of noise and inconvenience.

By hiring a contractor that can do both a kitchen remodel and a bathroom renovation simultaneously, they will approach it with efficiency. For instance, they can tackle the tiling of both rooms, or painters can do both rooms on the same day, and installation of cabinets may also be done simultaneously!

3. You’ll Get a More Cohesive Design

If you’re trying to achieve a home with a more cohesive look, it makes sense to have your kitchen and bathroom renovation done simultaneously. It’s more likely that the contractor can secure the same materials for some elements in both rooms. On the other hand, there is a high possibility that this won’t happen when you do the projects separately, especially if the interval is quite long. This is because some suppliers can run out of materials and some are from limited series that may not be produced by its manufacturer again.

How to Achieve Success With Two Renovation Projects Simultaneously

If you do decide to do a simultaneous remodeling project, here are several valuable tips to help you ensure that it goes without a hitch:

  1. Choose the right contractor. This is very important, especially since you’re not doing one but two projects. As such, you must carefully assess the candidates and not just go for the one with the lowest rates but one that delivers the best results.
  2. Get your materials from a single supplier. If possible, all the materials needed for the project should come from the same supplier to save money on delivery fees and get discounts for bulk orders. This will also help you avoid delays that may occur from ordering from different suppliers.
  3. Prepare a mood board. This mood board can be as simple as getting photos of inspiration for both the kitchen and the bathroom. Then, you can add the paint swatches that you want, tiles you prefer, fixtures, and more! 


You’ll indeed have to prepare a bigger budget to start a bathroom and kitchen remodel. But since doing it will save you more money and time, plus ensure a more cohesive look for your home, it’s definitely worth it. At this point, you now know the benefits of simultaneous projects and the steps you must take to ensure a smooth process! 

When you’re ready to start with your project, the experts at DF Hughes are here to build you your dream bathroom and kitchen. Our team has been providing homeowners around Birmingham, AL, with reliable home remodeling services since 1995. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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