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4 Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

After you’ve lived in your home for a while, you’ll get to a point where you crave new surroundings. Moving into a new house isn’t always an option, but a new bathroom renovation project can be. It’s the perfect place to focus your attention and create a different-looking space. If you want to give your bathroom a makeover, here are some bathroom remodeling ideas you should consider.


This is one of the most common bathroom styles you can find in today’s homes. Traditional bathrooms emphasize comfort and functionality above everything else. It utilizes polished wood and a mixture of glass, tile, and marble fixtures for its signature look. You’ll find mostly neutral colors blended with complementary colors that give you a bright-looking space perfect for relaxation and alone time.

Some of the more common furniture and fixtures found on traditional bathrooms include a basin, pedestal, or console sinks. Conventional tubs or showers, as well as copper lamps and faucets are also utilized. For storage, a high-quality wooden cabinet is a good choice.


Contemporary bathrooms fully embrace the latest technology as part of its state-of-the-art signature look. It sports clean lines with minimal adornment while staying away from heavy embellishments and traditional shapes. If you want a bathroom style that breaks traditional design conventions, this is the style for you.

A typical contemporary bathroom consists of a sleek vanity, minimalist faucets, a slim-profile mirror, and also a glass shower enclosure. To complement its minimalist features, you can install digital shower controls and even smart mirrors. 

In terms of color choices, contemporary is mainly known for the black and white palette, but high-contrast color combinations can also work.


Both traditional and contemporary can be two very different extremes when it comes to bathroom remodeling designs. Transitional, on the other hand, sits in the middle and has just enough detailing to pay homage to both design camps. If you’re undecided between traditional and contemporary styles, a transitional bathroom brings out the best of both worlds.

A transitional bathroom boasts light-hued stone counters, floors, and wall treatments made from marble or quartz. For bathroom fixtures, you can choose between a pedestal bathtub or a glass shower enclosure. Drum pendants, updated chandeliers, and sleek wall sconces are some of the recommended accompaniment options.

The colors in a transitional bathroom tend to be soft and subtle. If you’re going for a richer look, consider blue, brown, gray, and wood tones.


If you’re the type of person who’s more into nature, then a rustic-style bathroom would probably work best for you. Rustic bathrooms embrace the natural beauty of the outdoors by using rugged materials paired with warm, cozy textiles. This creates a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere.

Rustic bathrooms feature a wooden vanity and vessel sinks made from stone or copper. Natural stone counters, floors, and wall treatments are also recommended to achieve that outdoor look. You may choose between a copper bathtub, a Japanese-style soaking tub, or a classic clawfoot tub. For accessories, go for antiqued brass or hammered copper. You can also add a couple more details like kilim rugs and filament bulb vanity lights to add more warmth to your space.

Color and texture choices should obviously echo the look of natural materials like stone and painted wood. Basically, anything that gives a natural and cozy look is welcome.


If you feel that your bathroom is outdated and not functional at all, then it’s probably time for a bathroom renovation. The styles mentioned above are just a few of the most common design ideas you can apply to your bathroom. There are numerous other designs that you can look forward to in a future blog post.

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