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Designer-Approved Tips to Transform Your Kitchen’s Design

You’re probably here because you want to give your kitchen a much-needed upgrade. Perhaps your current kitchen design is behind the times and needs some improvement with functionality and design. Whatever the case, thinking of renovating your kitchen space and giving it a modern kick can be exciting and overwhelming, all at once.

When you’re looking for kitchen design inspirations, it’s difficult not to fall head over heels with contemporary design. But when you pay attention to every detail of the room, you’ll notice that the design process can be a bit complicated, especially when you don’t exactly know what you’re focusing on.

For this reason, many homeowners work with experts in bathroom remodeling to ensure that every detail is in place. This way, designers will incorporate meticulous designs and concepts and blend them seamlessly with function and practicality. 

If you’re thinking of transforming your kitchen and incorporating clean lines, minimalist designs, and trendy decor, read on. Here are some designer-approved tips that will help you with your kitchen remodeling process. Let’s take a look!

Design Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Textures and Materials

Many people are afraid to blend different materials in a space, thinking that it may be too much for the eyes. Gone are the days where designers stuck with a single type of material and called it a day. Today, designers can mix high-end material with wood to give a modern look. 

Think about it this way: It’s not necessarily the material that matters; it’s the style of the pieces that determine whether your kitchen has a modern look. You want to avoid using detailed molding in your cabinets and prioritize shaker-style cabinets or flat-front ones for a sleek look. Keeping things clean and straightforward definitely screams contemporary!

As for mixing materials, you can add flavor to your kitchen by using a lighter tone of marble countertops and partner it up with dark mahogany cabinets. This gives off a warm and modern look without too much unsettling contrast. 

Designer Tip #2: Closed Storage Should Be at the Top of Your List

Keeping your kitchen looking clean and organized is the secret to having a modern-looking kitchen. And one of the elements that could help you achieve this is by optimizing closed storage space. 

Fortunately, there is a myriad of ways to integrate storage in a space. All you need to consider is to ensure that every area in your kitchen is accounted for and that you can incorporate smart storage solutions. 

With that, it’s best to work with kitchen remodeling professionals to ensure that they’re following the proper techniques and skills to achieve smart, clean, and effective storage solutions. 

Designer Tip #3: Combine Different Styles

Not all modern kitchens are clean with crisp lines; sometimes, these kitchens even have an eclectic style. If you want your kitchen to stand out, consider merging different types with contemporary concepts to give your space a unique and personalized look. 

Don’t be afraid to combine different styles, accents, and concepts because the space’s nuances will give your kitchen more character. Remember to use appropriate doses for each style so you won’t go overboard with the visuals and compromise the space’s functionality. 

The Bottom Line: Breathe New Life into Your Kitchen with a Modern Look

Kitchen remodeling projects are hard work, but when you have a concept in mind, and you work with a reliable team of contractors and designers, you’ll surely get the kitchen of your dreams. So, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and collaborate with experienced designers!

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