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Bathroom Remodel Essentials: 4 Improvements to Consider

Renovating your home demands plenty of planning and preparation, from picking the areas you’ll work on and choosing the improvements you’ll add. Since every renovation project is significantly costly, you must always make the most of it, especially in places that are particularly difficult to remodel. For this reason, homeowners should double-check the features they want to implement in their remodeled bathrooms.

Improving the functionality of your bathrooms

Everyone knows that bathroom spaces can significantly affect the overall property value of your home. Changing its style, reflooring its tiles, and even upgrading your showers can enhance your quality of life even before you sell your house. Since there are plenty of ideas to choose from, some homeowners may have trouble choosing which bathroom improvements they need. Remember that the trick to a worthwhile remodeling project is ensuring its functional and aesthetic improvement to your home.

In this article, we’ll share four bathroom improvements you should consider.

Hidden tank toilets

The tired design of toilets with exposed tanks is no longer fashionable with most modern homes. Contemporary bathrooms have toilets with hidden tanks, giving your bathroom more space while allowing it to breathe more. Besides giving you more room to play around with your bathroom’s layout, hidden-tank toilets are also great additions for conserving water. However, keep in mind that plumbing maintenance may be more difficult since the access point to your toilet’s cistern is out of sight.

2-inch plumbing drain pipes

A simple yet impactful change to your bathroom’s functionality is the installation of 2-inch plumbing drain pipes. These will work great in extending your need for regular drain cleaning and mitigates the risk of clogs in your various fixtures. Since most typal bathrooms use a 1 ½ inch diameter pipe, these can clog easily, especially if you have several people in the household.

The best part is that 2-inch plumbing drain pipes practically cost the same, with the only drawback of requiring an overhaul of your pipelines to fit them. This is why it’s best to perform these changes during an already scheduled bathroom remodel to maximize your building contractor’s time and energy.

Recessed medicine cabinets

 Using the toilet and taking a bath aren’t the only things you can use the bathroom for. For most people, their vanity space contains a packed medicine cabinet full of assorted grooming and medical supplies. If you use plenty of products and prescribed medication, benefit from a recessed medicine cabinet above your vanity. Since it utilizes space within your walls, you’ll feel less restricted in your bathroom. It shouldn’t cost you much to bore a hole in your bathroom, as long as there aren’t essential pipelines behind it.

Dimmer light switches

Bathrooms avoid using too much natural light for privacy reasons, which is why a small window for ventilation is enough for these areas. This limits your lighting options, especially if you want to diversify your bathroom usage. If you’re fond of taking long baths, the standard fluorescent lighting may not be appealing to have. Instead, you can install LED lamps and strips that are adjustable through a dimmer switch. These versatile lighting fixtures allow you to set the right mood for a long and relaxing bath while conserving energy to boot.


Although bathroom renovations have a high return on investment, they can also be tricky and complicated since they deal with electoral wiring and plumbing fixtures. For this reason, homeowners must have complete trust in the remodeling contractor they choose. Any potential mistakes in these areas can have negative long-term implications to your home’s condition and value.

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