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3 Renovation Tips to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

When it comes to bathroom renovations, it can be as small as a faucet replacement or as large as a full bathroom remodel. What you want to do with your bathroom renovation efforts will entirely be up to you, but there is one problem that many owners face: free space. More often than not, many homeowners wish their bathrooms were bigger. Unfortunately, making a bathroom physically bigger to add more room can be incredibly costly. As such, not many homeowners invest the money to make this happen.

However, what if we told you that there is a way to make your bathroom bigger without actually enlarging its space? Here are some amazing bathroom renovation ideas to make your small bathroom feel bigger:

1. Implement tiles

If your bathroom’s tiles are making your room look small, then you can consider changing them out. There are plenty of tiles out there with different shapes and sizes! For example, if you currently have small tiles, consider using big ones. You can also consider using the same tiles for the walls up to the ceiling. Large tiles help to create a look with as few gaps as possible, making the space much more cohesive and open.

When picking a tile, be sure to consider other things like the color and pattern as well. This way, you can compare how different designs will work on your bathroom, picking the right solution that’ll give you the illusion of a bigger space.

2. Paint with lighter colors

Dark colors, although creating that professional look, generally makes things feel a lot more enclosed. If dark colors are prevalent in your bathroom, then consider switching it out to a much lighter color.

Note that you do not have to go for the typical white colors that many bathrooms come in. Although white works well, it tends to look boring quite quickly. As such, we highly recommend looking for colors like light pink, blue, green, or any other light shades. 

3. Use a glass shower enclosure

If you have a shower in your bathroom that’s covered with an opaque divider, consider using something transparent like glass. If you can, look for a frameless glass enclosure around your shower. 

The reason this helps significantly in making your bathroom feel bigger is that transparent materials like glass allow light to easily pass through it. This helps to create the illusion that there is nothing between you and the shower room, creating that sense of space. In other words, your eyes can see much further as if nothing is blocking your way or the line of sight.


Apart from just the three tips shared in this article, you can do many other things like installing storage, revising your bathroom’s decor, and more can help to enlarge your small bathroom. If you can, implement multiple tips at once. This way, your bathroom can be made to feel a lot bigger in various ways, giving you a sense of space in an otherwise enclosed area. With that being said, if you need help updating your bathroom for any reason, be sure to reach out to professional remodelers! They can give you valuable pieces of advice and help you understand what can be done to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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