What to Remember When Changing the Kitchen’s Color

Colors significantly affect the way people feel. That is why you must choose the right one for every room in your house. The kitchen, for example, is one of the most used rooms by your household. Choosing the right color can reflect the light inside or enhance the mood. 

Most homeowners choose to settle with neutral colors to make the kitchen appear cleaner and simpler. However, if you want to experiment and change the room’s vibe, you can always explore different colors. 

While you are free to choose whatever color makes you happy, there are some guidelines you might want to consider to ensure perfect balance for your kitchen.

Reminders When Picking Color Schemes for the Kitchen

  • Trust that adding colors to the cabinetry and other kitchen parts can bring positive changes to your space. It is the most accessible type of renovation you can do without too much expense. Some people might feel hesitant when undertaking something so significant, but you will eventually get used to the experience!
  • Instead of changing the room’s feel by replacing the lights, consider changing the wall color instead. They are a lot cheaper and bring in a better and homier effect.
  • If you want to be able to write on your walls freely, check out the chalkboard paint. You can write recipes, ingredients to buy, and also doodle with your kids safely. This feature would make your kitchen space more fun, useful, and engaging. If an entire wall is a bit too overwhelming for you, you can limit the chalkboard paint to one small section of your kitchen.
  • Choose a color depending on what feel you want to bring to the space. Colors are categorized depending on if they “feel” cool or warm. Your chosen paint color should match the vibe you want to add to the space. Your chosen color should also match the other furniture or pieces’ tone for a cohesive aesthetic!
  • Have fun experimenting and choosing the color you love to see every day. A pop of color would always be a fantastic choice. But using grays combined with other colors would not disappoint either.
  • Never just follow trends. They come and go fast. Choose according to your taste or what would make you feel happy. Remember that unless you are willing to spend a lot of money painting and repainting your kitchen every few months.
  • The color change does not always have to be limited to the wall or cabinets. You can opt to upgrade the little details, such as changing the linens in the kitchen or the curtains. If you are hesitant to repaint every single wall, you can begin by working on an accent wall to test out a new aesthetic!                          


No matter what kind of color change you want to achieve in your kitchen, the goal is to make the room more interesting, make the household happy, and create something new and long-lasting that you will be happy with for years. The key is to find what would complement the room and all of its pieces or what would complement the house. 

The next time you want to change the color or theme of your kitchen, give us a call. D.F. Hughes is your kitchen and bath remodel expert in Birmingham, AL. We can help you design and create your remodeling project according to your budget and timeline, so you can fully live your life in a room that you love. Contact our experts today!

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