The Future of Modern Kitchens: How Would They Look Like?

Modern technology has proven itself so much for the past years but more importantly, in recent years. The new appliances and inventions have made living life much more comfortable, safe, and convenient. They have significantly helped improve people’s lifestyles, especially now that they are busier than ever. For that reason, it is only natural that people aspire to invest in incorporating these modern technologies into their property. 

Many technological advancements have been known in many parts of the house but not so much in the kitchen area. If you dream of having a smart kitchen soon, you can add many modern items and equipment to make it the best room in the house. 

Voice-Controlled Kitchen Items

Most appliances today have voice control technology. They can be activated and even perform some tasks using voice commands. Because they are voice-activated, you no longer need to keep your hands busier than usual. The smart appliances can now act as your personal assistant in the kitchen, helping you with complex recipes, utilizing your high-end kitchen appliances, or simply opening or closing the trash can. 

Smart appliances today either have their voice-powered technology or can connect to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, etc. You can also purchase voice-controlled products like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other similar products to make your whole home advanced and modern.

Aside from being highly efficient, smart appliances also make each piece of equipment safe to use. For example, smart stove knobs automatically turn off when the time set is done. Some devices would send reminders based on the recipe they are cooking or the ingredients that need to be cooked. Overall, it makes the kitchen duties secure and convenient. 

Motorized Kitchen Cabinets

Imagine having motorized cabinet shelves and doors that automatically reveal the appliances or tools that you need. Well, you no longer have to imagine as they already exist today. With a simple touch of a button, your much-needed gadget is now accessible. This app-controlled cabinet would lower its shelves, hide all your clutter, and do other tricks when you command it to. 

Besides becoming a kitchen spectacle, it keeps the whole space looking clean and streamlined, which is every homeowner’s dream. Aside from kitchen use, homeowners can also use it for entertainment purposes. They can let the spare cabinets serve as the hiding spot for the TV or soundbar that they occasionally use when hanging in the kitchen.

Adjustable Smart Lighting

Another type of modern technology you can incorporate is a smart-controlled lighting system for your kitchen. Light is vital in the kitchen area. It sets the mood, helps dispel annoying shadows, gives proper lighting to the work areas to avoid accidents and mistakes, and highlights the essential elements in the kitchen. Imagine activating and adjusting the light through a voice command or a simple tap on the phone app. That would surely make the kitchen life more manageable and enjoyable. 


The future of kitchen design is all about touchless technology. It would be full of voice-automated or app-controlled smart kitchen gadgets. Regardless of what changes you would like to apply to your future kitchen, adding technology to the picture would make your kitchen a convenient space for making sumptuous dishes for the whole family. 

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