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Top Three House Additions to Add Space Into Your Home

Residential properties, like most things in life, tend to undergo some form of change as the years pass by. These changes may occur naturally, like erosion or weathered walls; or at the hands of particularly enthusiastic DIY-ers or professional design-build contractors. 

Homeowners that opt to remodel or renovate their homes often do so because they desire to see a new aesthetic or need additional space for the household. New paint, furniture, and window treatments can help address the first issue while different home additions can help with the latter.

Now, on the topic of home additions, there are many factors to consider before making a final decision. Some major factors to note are the space requirements, functionality, budget, time constraints, and even aesthetics. 

After that, homeowners can proceed to choose whichever house addition they want for their homes. Below, we discuss some of the basic types of house additions that help with the need for space expansion:

Traditional Home Additions

The first house addition on the list is perfect for homeowners looking to add a lot of space to their pre-existing homes. 

These typically include the construction of several rooms into the side of the main house. If done correctly, traditional home additions can look as if they were part of the original structure.

These spaces can be turned into guest bedrooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bathrooms, and more. A kitchen is only added if the new area is meant to be an apartment.

Considering the scale of this home addition, it’s not at all surprising that it’s one of the most costly ventures out of all of them. DIY-ers beware since this project is like incorporating a mini house into an existing home.

It’s best to work with professionals for this home addition. Architects, design-build contractors, plumbers, electricians—these are some experienced individuals that can help homeowners ensure that their traditional home additions remain safe and functional in the foreseeable future.

Bump-Outs or Room Additions

If you’re looking to add space in your home on a slightly smaller scale, then a bump-out or room addition is one of the best ways to go about it.

Bump-outs function in two ways: first, like a traditional home addition, except you’ll only be adding a room with a singular function, like a new bedroom or bath; second, to add space to an already existing room, like building out into the side to make space for a breakfast nook or island. 

Such additions are easier on the wallet compared to traditional home additions. However, it’s worth noting that it’s not the cheapest option either since they still need to adhere to building codes and require permits for construction. 

Room Conversions

Room conversions are house additions that work best for homeowners that do not have space on their properties to expand their homes outward. As the name suggests, this addition works to change an existing room’s function to make space for a new one.

Bedrooms turned into playrooms, home offices turned into nurseries—these are only some of the many room conversions done throughout history. If you have a garage that isn’t in use, you can also convert it into a living space by changing the flooring, adding a ceiling, and installing heat and plumbing to make it comfortable for the family. 

Final Thoughts

House additions are costly endeavors that require extensive planning. While it’s tempting to DIY the project, it’s best for homeowners to consider working with professional contractors and designers throughout the process, especially since there are many elements to consider when working with house additions. It may be expensive upfront, but doing so helps prevent unnecessary expenses and ensures the completion of the house addition.

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