5 Practical Tips for Planning Your Next Kitchen Remodel

The impulse to redesign a kitchen often begins with the desire for aesthetics and swiftly moves to functionalities. Every morning when you go to fetch your coffee, stained sinks, dismal paint schemes, and outdated counters are going to be an eyesore.

However, you will begin to detect functional problems. You may have many cabinets, but they are difficult to access. You have a large kitchen island, but it only appears helpful in storing mail and dog leashes.

When planning your new kitchen, focus on the primary functional sections—prep areas, cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashing. Consider accessibility and how frequently you will utilize anything.

1. Reconsider Kitchen Islands

Most homeowners who are redesigning their kitchens prioritize kitchen islands. And when it comes to selling a home, islands are typically deemed desirable.

But consider if you need that kitchen island and what you want to use it for. If you don’t know what you’re going to use it for, it might wind up becoming an expensive storage facility for mail, dirty dishes, and vehicle keys.

A cabinet/countertop island requires a massive kitchen to work well. Forcing a kitchen island into a small kitchen provides a slight advantage and may make your kitchen more challenging to maneuver.

2. Quality Countertops Are Important

A countertop is the main work surface in your kitchen; it’s where you do everything from preparing dinner to paying bills. As such, you should select your countertop with great care.

Get familiar with the top finishes for the countertops in your local market, what kind of surface finish is durable and easy to clean, and what kind of surface will work best for you. Consider the style, the available colors, and the durability of the finish.

And then there’s the cost. There are many good finishes, but they don’t come cheap. The price of the countertop will range from the quality of the finish.

3. Reconsider Your Cabinet’s Accessibility

The kitchen cabinets in your house may be neatly arranged to take advantage of the best use of the available space, but it’s not always easy to reach the dishes and utensils in the back of the shelves.

When arranging your new kitchen cabinets, make sure you have easy access to everything. While you’re at it, it’s worth the extra money to invest in pullout shelves so that you can grab a few dinner plates with ease.

4. Designers Can Help With Space Planning

Kitchen designers perform many great functions. But the thing of great value when it comes to kitchen designers is their space-planning expertise. Kitchen designers can take the functional requirements and aesthetics you’re looking for in your new kitchen and create a layout that works for you.

They can help you visualize what your new kitchen will be like, and they can make suggestions that will help keep you on target.

Once a kitchen designer visualizes your needs and comes up with a layout, they can suggest various cabinet and countertop styles to fit your new space.

5. You May Not Need Those Fancy Kitchen Tools

When you’re deciding what kind of kitchen tools you need, think about how you will use those tools. For example, if you have a food processor, you may find that the first thing you do with it is to chop up an onion.

After that, you find that it just takes up counter space and doesn’t get used very much because you’re more likely to use the knife instead.

Plan for the tools you need, don’t over-invest in gadgets. If you have a good chef’s knife, a cutting board, and a few bowls and measuring cups, you may find that you don’t need a food processor after all.


If you’re planning your kitchen remodel, don’t just look at the aesthetics of your kitchen. Consider practicalities like the space needed for cooking, dishwashing, and access to cabinets. Use a kitchen designer to help you arrange everything to your satisfaction. And finally, don’t be afraid to downsize your kitchen tools and gadgets.

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