Things to Know before Getting Your First Kitchen Renovation

Your first time trying anything is full of excitement and fear, so you should pack as much information as possible about the subject. If you’re new to kitchen renovation, it helps to know tips outside your contractor’s opinions and suggestions. After all, you don’t want to go in blind and regret your decisions when renovations are close to done! 

Below are some valuable tips you can use before contacting a reliable contractor to work on your kitchen renovation.

Expect a Little Discomfort in Your Home 

While the demolition of the old kitchen is unpleasant while you’re still staying in your home, it is necessary for a total makeover to provide for the most precise dimensions for the new one. There will be a lot of noise and disruptions while renovations are underway. You may also resort to having a makeshift cooking and eating area in the living room or other rooms in your house.

Hire a Professional Interior Designer

Some contractors have a good eye for quality design, and you’re a lucky homeowner if you get one of those. However, some stick to the standard, uninspired designs you can see in any home catalog. It will benefit you more if you hire an interior designer. Of course, you can always opt for some DIY if you’re feeling creative, but that might cost you if your design turns out to be unflattering to other people.

Include Your Appliances and Sink in the Planning Stages

Appliances have a significant impact on the design. Don’t merely measure their width while planning: Check the depth and allow for circulation around door openings, especially the side of the refrigerator, which may require up to three inches of space to open inside drawers completely.

Besides your appliances, you should also worry about your indoor airflow. Don’t forget about ventilation: People often forget that the range requires a vent or underestimate the needed strength.

It’s also a good idea to start looking for a sink as soon as possible, as it’s just as crucial as your appliances. Find a store that will let you buy appliances ahead of time but keep them until you’re ready to install them because appliances are the last to be installed.

Make All Your Design Choices in Advance

When you’re frazzled and frustrated, making a design decision on the spur of the moment could lead to a wrong or costly decision. Don’t let the contractor choose anything for you for the same reasons. It’s better if you’ve decided on all your designs in the planning stages so that you can execute your next steps accordingly.

Decide on a Single Astonishing Design Decision

Give your kitchen character, but don’t make it into a circus with several spotlight things. This is particularly significant in compact places. For example, a French Mediterranean-style cement tile floor with simple cabinet and countertop options and a white tile backsplash could be a good choice.

Bring a Bag of Kitchen References with You

Carrying all of your samples around with you will help you obtain the right match for your materials. It will be beneficial to see what you’re dealing with as you search for each puzzle piece. You can have references of your desired tiles, hardware, countertops, cabinets, and paint chips organized in binders so that you won’t have trouble finding them when consulting with suppliers.


You can find other tips from friends and families who had kitchen renovations in the past. To make sure your contractor is as helpful as possible in helping you navigate this new project, look for a trusted one with glowingly positive reviews from previous clients. Your kitchen renovation will have way more potential with a talented contractor.

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