5 Creative Ways You Can Style Your Own Marble Bathroom

When choosing decor for a bathroom, you can’t go wrong with marble. It has been a popular choice for centuries, and it is timeless. You can make your marble even more valuable by adding on fixtures like sinks and faucets or paying someone to add them for you. 

However, marble is a very porous stone, so you need to clean and seal the floor frequently. As long as you can handle the maintenance work, marble will pay off in gorgeous results.

There are many creative ways you can style your marble bathroom, and here are some ideas to get you started.

1) Modern Marble with Subway Tile 

If you want to go modern, marble tiles are a great choice. They are easy to install, and they can be laid out in any design you can think of. They are also a great choice for bathrooms because they are very durable, and are resistant to staining and moisture.

To make the space even more modern, add on subway tiles. Subway tile isn’t just for kitchens and backsplashes; you can add them to the wall behind your shower or tub. You can also add them to the backsplash above the sink or vanity.

The effect will be stunning, and you can easily change the color scheme if you choose. You can add some white subway tile and change it to black or some other color if you get bored with it.

2) Different Marble Colors

If you want to go bold, you can use marbles in different colors. Although this is more common on floors, you can add in tiles or even the shower and tub.

The effect can be stunning. Again, subway tiles are a great choice if you are going with this look. You can add just a few accent tiles of different colors, or you can go bold. You can also use other patterned tiles, like hexagon tiles.

3) Texture Contrast

If you want to add some contrast, you can use two different textures of marble. That’s a great way to add an accent to the room. It will also make the space unique.

To do this, you have to be careful about your layout. You want the contrast to be intentional, so you have to spend time planning the pattern.

4) Silver Accents

You can also add silver accents to the room, like a sink faucet, if you want to add some modern flair. You can do this without moving away from marble.

This is especially effective if you use black and white marble or two different shades of the same color. Silver is a great contrasting element because it is bright and shiny, and it can add an element of luxury to the room.

5) Dark Marble

If you want a dark room, you can choose a darker color of marble. Some great choices are dark blues, greens, and purples. You can use these colors on the floor and on some accent walls.

If you want a darker room, you can use darker tile for the floors, like black and dark blue.


There are so many creative ways you can style your own marble bathroom. You can go traditional or modern, or you can add silver accents for a more modern look.

If you are renovating, work with a team that knows what design trends to follow. DF Hughes can help you with your bathroom renovation in Birmingham, and can definitely work with marble designs. Get in touch with us today to learn more.