Got Spring Fever? Let It Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel!

Springtime is an amazing season, with flowers in full bloom and budding trees. Nature is all about the new, the fresh, the start of something amazing. This is why it’s the ideal time to upgrade your bathroom and give it a whole new life!

Springtime Remodels Make Perfect Sense

Why is spring the best time for a bathroom remodel? There are a number of reasons, such as:

1. Contractors Have Better Availability

During springtime, you might find that your contractor is not as busy as they are during the fall when many people want projects to be completed before the holidays. Because there are fewer clients, you might be able to get better deals than you would get during a busier season. Be sure to contact them as soon as you can for that reason.

2. Getting Ahead of Summer’s Traffic

The summer season is historically a popular time for children, friends, and family to come by. In fact, it is often one of the most traffic-heavy seasons. Therefore, having your remodeling completed in the spring gives you plenty of time to prepare for these extra visits, ensuring that your repairs are complete before you do your big reveal. You’ll be able to show off your new look to a lot more people that way.

3. Products Are More Accessible

During springtime, which is when most remodeling projects take place after the winter season, it’s not often an issue to find the supplies needed for your contractor to complete your job. Since the demand is low, products that are popular and usually hard to find as a result will be better available. That means back-orders won’t be necessary, too, something that tends to slow the renovation process down as a whole.

4. The Weather Is Cooperative

Since springtime means the weather is usually mild, contractors are able to come to your home easily. The days are also longer in the spring, which translates into work getting done more quickly and with fewer obstacles. It’s not too hot or too cold, which causes the contractors less discomfort and results in better work quality.

Trends In Spring Decorating

  • For A Backsplash – A beadboard will go a long way here, adding both texture and depth to any bathroom. While it may seem like a given to go with white, there’s actually a lot of room to play with color at this point.
  • For A Touch of Sustainability – Flowers and plants aren’t just an outdoors thing! Bringing a planter or two in the bathroom space will go a long way in helping to create a nice atmosphere for the bathroom.
  • For Wallpaper – It’s great to make a style statement at this point! Prints that are big and bold are in. It’s the best time to let pattern and color burst through to display personalities in full.
  • The Bidet – If you don’t have a bidet yet, here’s your sign to get one. It’s luxurious and offers a world of convenience. 


Springtime is a beautiful season of newness and all things bright. It’s the perfect time to upgrade a bathroom and refresh it! Benefits of picking springtime include cooperative weather and accessible contractors.

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