Bathroom Renovation

5 Indications You Need a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom is a sacred place of comfort, quiet, and relaxation. It’s the place you’ll usually visit in your house multiple times a day, and because of this, it requires maintenance. If your bathroom doesn’t serve its purpose as your pleasant sanctuary, perhaps it’s time to consider remodeling. However, always keep in mind that whether you plan on having simple repairs or all-around replacements for your bathroom, every work you do in your bathroom comes with a price.

The good news is your next bathroom renovation has a higher return on your investment. This means that if you spend some money on upgrading your bathroom, it improves its functionality and possibly turns your home into your dream one. 

But how do you know if it’s time to remodel your bathroom? Here are five signs you have to take into consideration:

Outdated Fixtures and Finishes 

If all you can notice in your bathroom are chipped-off wall paint, popcorn ceilings, and chipped or grimy tiles, it’s time you refresh things and do an overhaul. When it comes to wall paint color, choose ones that would provide a clean, modern look, preferably a palette of whites, grays, and blacks. You may also upgrade your shower or bathtub for greater comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Layout Flaws

Some bathroom designs do not have a barrier between the shower and the toilet. If you are constantly tripping over your significant other while they are bathing, you may rearrange your bathroom to increase flow. You might add a separate water closet for more privacy in this situation.

Poor Lighting

Did you know that you must maintain proper lighting throughout your bathroom? Furthermore, bathroom lighting must be bright, constant, and shadow-free, with a minimum of sharp glares. Your bathroom remodel plan must include what type of lighting fixtures you would be using, as well as the color and where they are supposed to be located. In this way, you avoid getting injuries while scrubbing your body with soap or shaving your face with a razor.

Lack of Storage

An aesthetically pleasing bathroom interior is nothing if your vanity counter is cluttered with so many objects and there’s no good place to store the towels and other toiletries. As part of your bathroom remodeling, you can use this chance to add a linen closet or shelves above the toilet. You can also upgrade your vanity with under-counter storage.

Safety Concerns

The bathroom is one of the household locations where accidents can usually happen, such as falls and slips. Suppose these scenarios occur because of slippery tiles or poor ventilation that promotes mold build-up. In that case, you need to list down these issues and discuss them with a bathroom remodeling contractor.


Are you ready for a bathroom remodel? If you think you’re experiencing any of the five signs listed above, perhaps you should start renovating your bathroom. Although the aesthetics of your bathroom is critical, keep in mind that safety is also a priority. If these factors concern you, take your time and discuss them with a professional.

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