Here Are More Ideas for Bathroom Renovation – Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part article. If you haven’t checked out the first part yet, be sure to read that first before proceeding below.

In the first part, we discussed some improvement ideas for your bathroom remodeling. While those were some excellent ideas, you could take them up a notch. Level up your game with the following ideas:

1. Use a Small Tub

Having a big bathtub might seem luxurious but could take more room than necessary. Instead, we suggest that you go with a smaller tub that fits you just right. This way, your bathroom does not end up looking too crowded, and you have additional room for other decorations.

2. Go for Heated Flooring

Some people may think that heated flooring is expensive. However, the truth is, if you are already removing and replacing your bathroom floors, you may be surprised to find that heated flooring is not expensive at all.

Having heated flooring in your bathroom is a complete game changer. You’ll be more comfortable like you have never been before. This is especially true if you live in a cold climate, making heated flooring an absolute luxury to have without having to break your bank.

3. Keep It Neutral

While you should always do what you want and your preference is always the best choice, you should also try to keep it neutral. This is especially important for the fixtures like the sink, shower, and toilet.

Having overly extravagant fixtures in your bathroom may make it seem like it’s elegant; however, it could also look messy. It could result in a very crowded room that is not calming. But, if you go for something more neutral, everything will match better, and your bathroom will look cleaner, making it a room for comfort and relaxation.

4. Ventilation Is the Key

When renovating your bathroom, do not forget the most important part: ventilation. A lot of people often prioritize the aesthetics and look of their bathroom. However, this results in them forgetting to improve the ventilation system.

A better bathroom ventilation system will not only make it more comfortable in your bathroom but also makes sure that no foul odors will stay. Without ventilation, you have to completely keep up with the odor and even temperature of the bathroom, which could be a lot of effort on your end.

5. Storage Space Is Your Best Friend

Another tip for renovating your bathroom is to always ensure that there is enough storage space. If you really think about it, you may be surprised at the number of things you store in your bathroom.

If you do not ensure enough storage space, you will end up with a crowded and messy bathroom. Instead, make sure there is always a place for you to place your things. You can get hanging racks, shelves, or even bathroom organizers, just to ensure that everything has a space to avoid crowding your bathroom.


Now that you’ve read our two-part article, we hope that you are able to find some useful tips. Remember, the final decision is yours and depends on your preference. However, we hope that you can consider our tips too, and you end up with a bathroom that satisfies you.

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