About Us

Why do so many people have bad building experiences? 

Why can’t a building experience be just as professional as visiting with your accountant, doctor, financial advisor or any other professional service?

What does a positive building experience look like?  

Can it be fun?

These were just a few of the questions we asked ourselves when D.F. Hughes was launched in 1995.  Since that time we have placed even more emphasis on these questions and answers as we have continuously improved our procedures to do everything humanly possible to provide a positive building experience.   Things like regularly scheduled progress meetings with our clients during both design & construction. Things like providing a projected schedule prior to beginning construction with a start & completion date.  Things like assigning a project manager to each project who is the primary daily contact. Things like performing a minimum of 3 estimates during the design phase to significantly and in some cases eliminate the dreaded change orders.  Things like selecting team members who truly enjoy what they do and bring a passion to our business that is all too often overlooked. A passion to get it right and do it well for the benefit of our clients. This is what we mean by our philosophy of “Rethinking Renovation“.  To continually analyze & improve our systems & procedures for the benefit of our clients and ourselves.

This is who we are.  This is what we do every day on every project.  If this is the type of firm you would like handling your remodeling project, then please contact us and we will be thrilled to talk with you in more detail about your vision of a renovated home.

Alabama Remodeling Excellence Awards

First Place – Whole House Remodel $250,000- $500,000

Third Place – Exterior Remodel  

First Place – Whole House Remodel under $ 250,000

Second Place – Additions under $ 100,000

Second Place – Exterior Remodel

Second Place – Whole House Remodel under $ 250,000

Third Place – Space Renovation

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