Home Remodeling in Birmingham, AL

Did you wake up one morning and decide your home needs a total makeover? Or have you been dreaming and planning for years? Either way, it’s time for a fresh new look for your home. Whether you’ve purchased an older home with tons of potential or want to revive your current forever home, the D. F. Hughes team is your trusted home remodeling company in Birmingham, AL. Over the years, D. F. Hughes has won a number of awards in the Whole House Remodel category and our team of professionals truly enjoys these types of opportunities. 

Our philosophy with  home remodeling is to maintain the original character elements of the home while bringing in newer features that add freshness and excitement to the space. Each home is unique, so your team of designers and managers works with your creative visions for the new floor plan, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, basement, or wherever you’re wanting a fresh look. If you find yourself wanting a whole home remodel, but don’t have a binder full of ideas clipped from magazines, don’t worry. Our team is truly passionate about finding designs and ideas you’ll love! This will hopefully be a fun and stress-free project for you and yours. Here’s the deal, our team has been doing home remodeling in Birmingham, AL since 1995, so we’ve learned a thing or two. Namely, that remodeling your home is even more complicated than building your home from scratch. But don’t let that concern you or give you pause. Our exclusive DesignBuild Process starts your project on the right track and keeps it there..

Here’s How it Works

At the project’s inception, you will meet with select members of our design team to discuss your vision. Then the team, which usually consists of an interior designer, kitchen designer, and project manager, will meet with each other, work out a plan, and provide you with detailed budgets and schedules. We’ll keep you advised how changes will affect your timetable and overall project budgets. That way, you can make informed decisions, and not be blindsided by the final invoice.

In short, our DesignBuild Process makes sure your project is finished on budget and on schedule. Most importantly, it ensures that the end result is a home you love, not just one you live in, because getting a house you’ll love is why you’re renovating in the first place.

Getting Started 

You have a vision. You’re ready to go. So what happens next? When? Here’s what you can expect when you choose our D. F. Hughes team for home remodeling in Birmingham, AL. 

Phase 1- Evaluation 

In our first meeting, we’ll sit down and discuss your vision. We’ll find out what’s most important to you, and discuss your desired budget and schedule. Further, we will address the project feasibility. Once we have initial agreement, we’ll provide a Comprehensive Project Evaluation (CPE) that covers initial design and estimating costs.

Phase 2- Planning 

Because our architect is an integral part of our design team, we will work closely on a plan that evokes your vision. At this point, we will work with you to answer all of your potential questions. Does this plan reflect your sense of style? Does it match the way you live and entertain? Does this feature warrant the additional costs?

Once a plan is solidified, a firm estimate is supplied that accurately reflects the costs and specifications of your project. After that, just approve the estimate, and we’re ready to start building.

Phase 3- Construction 

This is where the fun begins. Because, despite all the commotion that comes with renovation, you can rely on us to complete the job as quickly as humanly possible. While still meeting each and every standard and code, including the toughest standards of all- yours.

Phase 4- Enjoy

The last nail is packed away. The final coat of paint is dry. All that’s left to do is invite over the neighbors and show the place off. And while they’ll be amazed at how your house has been transformed into a showcase of design, they’ll be equally astonished at how easy D. F. Hughes Construction made the process for you. 

Ready to live in your real-life dream home? Let’s get started! Call us at (205) 635-4390 or click “Contact”! By contacting us you will be taking the first step in the fun and exciting process of bringing to life the home you love.