Kitchen Remodeling in Birmingham, AL

Contemporary, traditional, or transitional? 

You likely have a preferred style picked out while dreaming of a new kitchen. Once you decide to remodel your kitchen, you probably have a number of questions. Our D. F. Hughes team provide expert kitchen remodeling in Birmingham, AL and answers questions like yours every day, but we never lose sight of the fact that this is your kitchen which deserves a unique solution. No two kitchen remodels are the same. This is why during our first meeting, which typically involves a designer and a project manager, we will ask a number of questions. We gather this information, study it, and provide a solution that best fits your needs and wants.  It may be that your kitchen simply needs some aesthetic fixes such as backsplash, cabinet color, and countertops. Or it could be time for a total renovation which may involve an adjustment to the floor plan. Either way, D. F. Hughes is prepared come alongside you from design to finished construction of your kitchen.

How do we get started?

You start by thinking about your day. In particular, think about when you go into the kitchen and what you do in there. Write down some of the things you like about your kitchen and then make a list of things you can’t do in the kitchen but would like to be able to. Such as entertain a group of family or friends, or being able to eat a meal in the kitchen instead of moving to the more formal dining room table. Have your spouse and kids do this too if you’d like their input. Make sure your list consists of tasks or actions instead of physical specifications at this stage. That way when you sit down with your D. F. Hughes designer and project manager, it opens your remodel up to more possibilities and solutions than you might initially think of. These lists help us form a foundation for your kitchen remodel. 

What about my budget?

By evaluating your wants and needs, it’s easier to determine your priorities for the remodel. Your priorities will help all of us decide which options you should invest in as you budget your project. D. F. Hughes wants to keep your budget in mind starting at the beginning of the project so there are no surprises. Your remodeling budget is very important to you, therefore, it is equally as important to us. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s easy to become enamored with ideas that may ultimately be outside of your budget or what’s possible in your home. Therefore, it’s important to check your ideas against your priorities. We can help with that in the planning phase. Kitchen remodeling is a major investment in your home. Our first priority is to help you understand the process and take as much of the anxiety out of a remodel as we can. 

What can I expect from the D. F. Hughes team?

You can expect regularly-scheduled progress meetings with your Birmingham, AL kitchen remodeling team during both design and construction. We will provide a projected schedule, which includes start and completion dates, before the project begins. We truly want the whole process to be stress-free and enjoyable, and we believe that’s possible. Imagine, we sit down to plan and create your new kitchen space, go over budget, get started on the project, and then you’re enjoying your new kitchen with friends and family! The last nail is packed away. The final coat of paint is dry. All that’s left to do is invite over the neighbors and show the place off. And while they’ll be amazed at how your house has been transformed into a showcase of design, they’ll be equally astonished at how easy D. F. Hughes made the kitchen remodeling in Birmingham, AL process for you.


Start your Birmingham Kitchen Remodeling Project

Since 1995, D. F. Hughes has only hired people who are truly passionate about home renovations and doing the job right the first time. That combined with skill have been the recipe for years of beautiful kitchen remodels. We’ve even won several awards along the way. We would love handle your remodeling project. Contact us and we can talk with you in more detail about your vision of your perfect kitchen.